Friday, November 25, 2011

Pacen's 2nd Birthday!

My little baby isn't a baby anymore! We celebrated Pacen's 2nd Birthday Elmo style!
The party favours
For the decorations the kids helped me create Elmo's world and the enjoyed colouring on the wall too.
Pacen enjoying his birthday cake, the red icing stained his face red for a day!
The family shot.
Pacen with his birthday cake that didn't turn out too bad for a last minute thing.
Present time.
Playing the Big Bird bubble stomp game...big hit.
Pacen enjoying his cookie monster chocolate chip cookie.
Hitting that pinata! He did great, but it was Abbie who smashed it apart.
Finding cookie monster's lost cookies game.
Playing throw the trash at Oscar the Grouch...Pacen really liked this one.
Playing fill Dorothy's fish tank, one of the party games.
The birthday boy playing in his sandbox that his Daddy made...first thing Spencer ever made for the kids and it turned out great!

My tribute to Home

I haven't been able to do much these last few months, but I was very excited to see this project finished. It turned out exactly as I imagined it would, thanks to Rachel's creative mind.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Menu Board

I finally finished my menu board thanks to Mom and Dad sending me the vinyl letters! I think it turned out great. Now on to finishing the next project.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glitter vase

Here is my glitter vase that I have wanted to do...cost me $4...and it took about 15min!

Homemade Ties

Our second project: making ties...we knew it couldn't be that difficult and it was very easy after we did some trial runs. They turned out so cute! I will never buy another tie again.

Flower headband project

Mom and I started crafting as soon as she came to visit...our first project satin flower headbands. We handmade the flowers and glued them together. we put them on snaps so they were interchangeable with the different colour headbands. We had some technical difficulties figuring out how to make it work, but we did it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

San Diego temple

Oh...finally a nice picture with my kids.
Pacen loves to pick flowers and rip them apart...he was in heaven in the temple grounds. I couldn't stop him there were flowers everywhere!

Sea World

The seals were barking at us and Pacen started barking back.

Abbie trying to get the dolphin to come over so she can touch it. They splashed us a bunch of times.
Sitting in the stands waiting for Shamu show to start. was crazy what they can do.
Pacen exploring the polar bear caves...Abbie was too scared to go inside because they had a recording of a polar bear growling.
Abbie and Pacen watching the big walrus swim back and forth.

Pacen looking at the beluga whales.

Trip to San Diego

Pacen's favourite part of the trip.. feeding the ducks.
Climbing up in the palm trees.
Pacen throwing a fit because Grama is holding him on the boat to prevent him from running all around like the crazy turkey he is.
Beautiful San Diego beach.

Picture of our resort...and Mom
The few minutes he was happy on the beach until a wave came along and soaked him and that was it!
Abbie loved the beach, we couldn't get her out of the sand and water.
my only picture with the kids...typical!
Oh no! I have a little bit of sand on me!
Abbie elbow deep in sand
Why are you making me walk on sand?

Apple centerpiece

My first centerpiece. This apple centrepiece has been on my list forever. I even whipped it up in a day!